Life is so weird. (lisw) wrote in realmofdreams,
Life is so weird.


I have a... situation here that I really want other people's input on.

There's this guy, lets call him Jake. I knew Jake back in the 8th grade, we were in the same classes all day long. He picked on me, I picked on him- we hated each other, but somehow, it was a different kind of hate... I guess you could say we loved hating each other. When the year was over, we went off to different highschool. Over the next two years... we argued many times through IMs. But we also had some bantar convos too. We even had a comforting one on 9/11... we both admitted to crying and calmed each other down and stuff. But then came the fighting/bantar again. I even ran into him once on outside his school. I really wanted to see him again so I arranged it that I'd meet my friend who also went there outside the building. Screen names were changed for some reason and we went a whole year without talking.

I was doing really good... I had a bf of 3 months, who I often hung out with at this mall. We walked around a lot. We were about to leave, but then we passed the video store. I immediately felt an urge to stand there for a few minutes, and didn't understand why. Five minutes later, who walks by? Jake. He was on his way into that store. We stopped and chatted, talking about how different we got and how our lives were going. He gave me his new sn. We talked a few times online after that, but nothing spectacular- they were very civil though. We planned on hanging out but that didn't work out.

I've always felt this really strange connection to Jake ever since I met him. I've thought about him a lot (practically at least once a day or more). I dreamed about him constantly after 8th grade separation. And even for that whole year we didn't talk I dreamed about him ALL the time. About him being a friend, us fighting, whatever all I know is that he was in them. The dreams stopped for a while, but I've been dreaming about him a lot very romantically ever since I ran into him in the mall like 8 months ago. Btw, I broke up with my bf like 3 months ago, if that has to do with anything.


Question: What does this mean? What with this strong connection to a person I don't even really know anymore? Am I crazy for dreaming about him so much?

X-posted, sorry.
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