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Isn't it like really unusual to die in your dreams? I had one last night. It's like the 3rd one I've had. They haven't all been recently though. I always dream that I die somehow and then I go to this new heavenish place.

Last night's dream:

I was on a school trip or something. I don't recognize anybody that I know in real life, but in the dream I was apparently friends with these people. I was in a room with like 10 girls and some female teachers. We were hanging out and having a good time. One of the people there was like a prophet or something and she said that this stuff was gonna happen tonight:

- something of somebody's was gonna be stolen.

- somebody's gonna get lost.

- blah blah I don't remember what.

- blah blah I don't remember this either lol.

- somebody was gonna murder somebody else.

Now, I'm not sure if anybody else heard the prophet say this, but I did.

Later on, this girl with brown hair brought everybody a slice of chocolate cake. I looked at my cake, thinking "uh, is this poisoned?" But I ate it anyway, thinking it probably wasn't. As soon as I ate a little bit of it, I was like ohh shit I think it was poisoned and this girl that gave the cake out was looking at me and was going like hahaha and then I knew she put something in it. Then the next scene was outside at night time. Everybody was standing around me, talking and having a good time. Apparently I didn't tell anybody about the bitch who wanted to kill me. All of a sudden, I started feeling really weird. Kinda like distant and far away and light headed. I was kinda scared because I knew that I was dying. Then the people got blurryish and my hearing got impaired. Then I started getting lifted up towards the sky by some unknown force. The sky was beautiful. There were stars all around me and I was happy and not in pain. The sky started out dark blue and got lighter and lighter blue as I rose higher. It only lasted like 20 seconds. And then all of a sudden, I knew I was dead. I was like all relieved and surprised that death didn't hurt at all. I think it was kind of like my spirit went to heaven. Nobody ever actually said I was in heaven, and it didn't really look like it either. There weren't any wings or harps or halos or clouds. I was just in this big building, where supposedly all the dead people like me went. It wasn't a bad place or anything, it was just a new place. Like a hotel with arcades and food and games and stuff like that.

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