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Had this dream about a week ago, figgured I would post here...

It started out I was in an underground base... kinda like the one from Stargate. I was talking with some people that looked like they worked for the gov't. We were discussing a metor crash that happened just recently. They mentioned sending someone back in time to save as many people as they can (I felt as if 99% of the world's population had been killed in this event, and everyone important to me was included in that group). Noone wanted to go back in time because it was a completely new technology that hadn't been tested yet, I didn't care, I volunteered anyway, I had nothing else to lose.

I got suited up, and went to the chamber where the "time machine" was kept. It was like an unusually large grandfather clock... about twice the size. I stepped inside, and the person incharge asked me one last time if I was sure about it. I assured him I was, and he flipped a switch. All I saw for a few seconds was a bright white light.

I appeared out front of a wierd looking house, but somehow it felt familiar. I approached the front door. Slowly I opened it, and as I did... I saw Katie (my brother's ex) inside sittin down. She was like, "Hey, Dave! I've been waiting for you!" I asked her what was going on (of course I remembered what had happend, and why I had gone back in time). She told me that I was supposed to come over and have lunch.

I then began to explain my reasons for being there, she told me she knew, and got up... she insisted that I follow her. I agreed to, she led me through the house... we were going to the second floor.... but the house was like this huge maze. We went through these rooms that were all distorted, climbed through windows out onto the roof, and back in... over and over.

Finally we reached the second floor... it was the kitchen. As I was climbin through the window, I heard someone calling for Christine. Katie morphed into one Christine, of my best friends from when I was younger and still lived in California.

Christine's mom came from behind a wall, and asked if it was me. She smiled, and greeted me warmly. She asked me if I wanted anything to eat. I told her I did not have time to eat, because of my mission. She laughed and insisted on making pizza... I told her I would do it. I reached for the dough, and when I touched it, the pizza was made. I looked at Christine and she just smiled at me. The pizza just had to be thrown in the oven, so I did that... it was an oven like what we have from work.

I told Christine, and her mom about the impending doom. They laughed and said they knew... they already had plans for escape. I then told them I had to warn the rest of the world, and they assured me that everyone I cared for would be safe. I knew they were right, but I still had to warn the people for some reason. I told them I had to go anyways.

I walked out the front door, and saw ships that looked like cocoons taking off from all over... all to avoid the metor. I saw Val (my fíance) running to one, she ran over to me and urged me to come with her... I refused, and explained to her my reason... because I had to warn everyone (even though, I could see clearly that everyone was getting in these ships, and I knew they all would be safe). She just cried and tried to pull me to a ship. I ripped my arm out of her hand and promised I would be safe, and I would see her later. In tears, she slowly walked to her ship, when she reached the door, she turned to Corey (who was standing inside waiting for us) and just began to cry on his chest. He put his arm around her and looked at me. He wanted me to come, but could see that he would not change my mind. He didn't take his eyes off of me until the door closed infront of him... but then him and Val ran to a window to watch me as it took off. I could see Val crying as she pressed her hand agains the window, I could make our her lips move to form my name in a silent scream... and at that moment I knew I would not make it, I should have gotten on the ship.

Her ship rose into the air. I stood there and watched it until I could no longer see it at all. I then began to run... back to Christine's house. It was all torn up, and it looked like it had not been lived in for 50 years. I explored the place. When I reached the kitchen, I saw Dan from work. He was roasting marshmellows in the oven. I asked him why he hadn't gotten on a ship, and he told me that his wasn't ready... he was the last person. A man in uniform (one of the guys that I had been meeting with) walked in the room and told Dan his ship was ready. Dan got up and left. The man looked at me and shook his head.

I ran outside to watch the last of the ships take off. As I watched it, my eyes got diverted to the metor that was going to crash. I suddenly became full of rage, and began running to where I knew the metor would hit. I was determined to stop it.

I could feel the heat from the metor as I got closer to where it would hit the ground. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that it was almost here. I jumped as hard as I could so that I would be able to make it to where the metor would crash... I overshot... I watched the metor hit the ground and burry itself. I was pushed away by the explotion from when it hit... I was pushed upwards.

I flew straight up, very fast. Things began to grow dark... I was getting close to the end of the atmosphere. As I reached the end, everything faded to black and I heard a *POP*.

I sat up, scared shitless... Katie, pulling the bubble gum back into her mouth, asked me what was wrong. I was back in the funky house, in the kitchen, waiting for the pizza to cook. I explained to her what had just happened, and she agreed that I had come back in time, to save everyone... she turned on the TV and told me to tell it a name to see anyone I wanted.

I asked to see Val. I saw her sitting at her computer desk, with what looked like a school book in her lap. She was doing something on the computer.

I then asked to see Corey. He was sitting in a café of some sort. Drinking something, and reading manga.

I felt completely at ease, and reached over to the oven, and pulled out the pizza. Katie, Christine's mom, and I each then had a slice.
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