That place in the sky after you die.
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pretty vague

I walked into a closet where these yellowish-cats were apparently trapped inside; as soon as I opened the door, I got down on the floor to read a letter (written in my father's handwriting) and the cats ran out. As to what the letter said, I can only remember something to the effect of it was written from the cats' point of view....something along the lines of don't lock us in here next time.......?
What could this mean?

Lucid Dreaming Survey

Greetings, fellow dreamers!
If you find the time to answer any of the following questions, my gratitude will be sincerely yours:

1.    What, in your opinion, are the benefits of lucid dreaming? How has lucid dreaming affected you?
2.    What is your opinion on the nature of lucid dreaming? Should lucid dreaming be examined rationally? Spiritually?
3.    How did you get into lucid dreaming? Did you feel "weirded out" by the learning process, or did the process seem natural to you?
4.    What do you feel when lucid? Does your mental state change?
5.    Are there any dreaming experiences - lucid or otherwise - that stand out in your memory?
6.    [other comments]

Thank you so much!

-Archagon, amateur LD researcher
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Well, I'm in my bed, in this white minimalist house that looks a bit like a nursing home. Lots of people are singing only I can't make out words, & dancing around me in a stiff, jerky way. Apart from me they all look the same; they're all dressed as if they're from the '20s. It frightens me rigid!
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so_obsessed name is Ivonne ^_^

hey people I hope that itz kool that I joined this community...the reason I did it was cuz I'm getting curious about draems and their meanings...also I've been having strange dreams.It just bugs me not knowing ya know? well I'ma post 2 dreams k?

1st dream:
Well I looked into his eyes and he looked into mines as we passed by each other.We stopped and we kissed.It seemed so real and was very passionate.He is a guy named Victor. He was a childhood friend and itz not until this year I got to c him after years of not knowing him.

2nd dream:
Ok well I had went to skool and then it was over. I walked to the a certain bus stop and then like Aaron(ex bf/my first bf), Kaeleen(ex bf's friend), and this other girl who I have no clue what so ever of who she is comes on the bus. Then they all sit in the bak where I am.The bus goes down this street I don't even know but at the same time I'm somewhat familiar with and then i get off at this place that has something to do with UCLA cuz it said Bruins and then I take a look at Aaron and he's sleeping and the girl with the unknown identity is also.I get off and see Kaeleen and I wave bye to her cuz she's not sleeping.Itz strange cuz like when I saw Aaron I wanted to like pet his hair and give him a kiss but I knew I couldn't so I felt strange. Then I walk towards my house but at the same time I'm sorta lost cuz and I see Jewell(someone I know, not really a friend) and a friend of hers that has an unrecognizable identity also).They pass me walking and so they go into this store but I follow Jewell and her friend.Then all of a sudden they're gone and I see Ashley(friend of Kaeleen).We say hi to each other and then I just explore and leave.I walk aroud this corner and end up at tower records and my mom is like "Ivonne there u are! Ur Aunt said that this band u might know is near her house...I think it starts with a V...I don't know but yeah do u know them?" and so then I'm like "oh yeah mommy I love them!!!"
My godparents come into my dream and say "oh Natalia (my mommy) we found the skool". I'm like "what skool?huh?" and so we all get into the car and drive along a freeway and then after some minutes I see the skool and it looks so pretty and the colors were gold and red and it looked like a castle and we go inside the skool and then I see the faces of the ppl there and I know the faces but I don't know them at the same time.Afterwards I get scared becuz I think that itz the place my mom wants to put me in and I go like "no...does this mean that I'll never see my friends ever again? What about Venice High School?" and then the dream sort of ends.

so yeah these 2 dreams have been bugging me especially because there are unknown people in it.
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I had a dream last night that really scared me and I was wondering if maybe someone could interpret what they might make of it for me.

It started off like any normal day would. I was having a pretty good day and all of the sudden, some sort of natural disaster occurred. I can't remember exactly what it was but everyone around me started panicking. I didn't know what was going on so I stood there yelling, "What do I do?! What's going on?! Where do I go?!" For some reason, I knew that I wasn't going to survive this and that I was going to die. I kept thinking, "I need to talk to Mark (Mark is my boyfriend) before I go. I have to tell him that I love him before I die. He has to know!" so I found a payphone and, for some reason, it was free. I tried to call him but it wasn't working so I sat there and let everything just happen. Somehow, I ended up surviving the disaster but was pretty much just barely alive. I knew that I wasn't going to survive my injuries and that I would end up dying a slow and painful death if I tried to wait because nobody else was alive to find me and help me so I killed myself.

I'm not really sure but I can remember something else happening right after that. I think someone found me right after I died but I can't remember exactly.

This dream really disturbed me for several reasons. 1) It felt so real. I woke up absolutely terrified and it took me a few seconds to realize that it was only a dream. 2) I've been feeling weird for the past few weeks. I'll suffer short periods of depression for no reason at all. I'll cry about anything/everything.

I told my boyfriend about my dream and it scared him. We both believe that dreams were reflections of bottled up emotions in the subconscious mind. I was wondering what other people might make of this dream.

Thank you in advance.

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I can only remember parts of this dream. I'm not quite sure if somehow they were all one dream or little dreams combined in one session, but they're definitely different.

I can't guarantee the correct order these dreams came.

The Party, The Light, And The PartypooperCollapse )

My Glorious Basement-bedroomCollapse )

Escaping Like CraziesCollapse )
Please comment on my dream if you have the slightest idea of how to interpret it!

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Hi just joined. I started a dream journal. I keep it separate from my other LJ and I decided to join in case I ever need any dream interpreting. Hope that’s okay *huthum*. Just thought I’d say that in case anyone notices my username in the member reference.

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I have a... situation here that I really want other people's input on.

There's this guy, lets call him Jake. I knew Jake back in the 8th grade, we were in the same classes all day long. He picked on me, I picked on him- we hated each other, but somehow, it was a different kind of hate... I guess you could say we loved hating each other. When the year was over, we went off to different highschool. Over the next two years... we argued many times through IMs. But we also had some bantar convos too. We even had a comforting one on 9/11... we both admitted to crying and calmed each other down and stuff. But then came the fighting/bantar again. I even ran into him once on outside his school. I really wanted to see him again so I arranged it that I'd meet my friend who also went there outside the building. Screen names were changed for some reason and we went a whole year without talking.

I was doing really good... I had a bf of 3 months, who I often hung out with at this mall. We walked around a lot. We were about to leave, but then we passed the video store. I immediately felt an urge to stand there for a few minutes, and didn't understand why. Five minutes later, who walks by? Jake. He was on his way into that store. We stopped and chatted, talking about how different we got and how our lives were going. He gave me his new sn. We talked a few times online after that, but nothing spectacular- they were very civil though. We planned on hanging out but that didn't work out.

I've always felt this really strange connection to Jake ever since I met him. I've thought about him a lot (practically at least once a day or more). I dreamed about him constantly after 8th grade separation. And even for that whole year we didn't talk I dreamed about him ALL the time. About him being a friend, us fighting, whatever all I know is that he was in them. The dreams stopped for a while, but I've been dreaming about him a lot very romantically ever since I ran into him in the mall like 8 months ago. Btw, I broke up with my bf like 3 months ago, if that has to do with anything.


Question: What does this mean? What with this strong connection to a person I don't even really know anymore? Am I crazy for dreaming about him so much?

X-posted, sorry.
different hannah by houseoficons....

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Isn't it like really unusual to die in your dreams? I had one last night. It's like the 3rd one I've had. They haven't all been recently though. I always dream that I die somehow and then I go to this new heavenish place.

Last night's dream:

I was on a school trip or something. I don't recognize anybody that I know in real life, but in the dream I was apparently friends with these people. I was in a room with like 10 girls and some female teachers. We were hanging out and having a good time. One of the people there was like a prophet or something and she said that this stuff was gonna happen tonight:

- something of somebody's was gonna be stolen.

- somebody's gonna get lost.

- blah blah I don't remember what.

- blah blah I don't remember this either lol.

- somebody was gonna murder somebody else.

Now, I'm not sure if anybody else heard the prophet say this, but I did.

Later on, this girl with brown hair brought everybody a slice of chocolate cake. I looked at my cake, thinking "uh, is this poisoned?" But I ate it anyway, thinking it probably wasn't. As soon as I ate a little bit of it, I was like ohh shit I think it was poisoned and this girl that gave the cake out was looking at me and was going like hahaha and then I knew she put something in it. Then the next scene was outside at night time. Everybody was standing around me, talking and having a good time. Apparently I didn't tell anybody about the bitch who wanted to kill me. All of a sudden, I started feeling really weird. Kinda like distant and far away and light headed. I was kinda scared because I knew that I was dying. Then the people got blurryish and my hearing got impaired. Then I started getting lifted up towards the sky by some unknown force. The sky was beautiful. There were stars all around me and I was happy and not in pain. The sky started out dark blue and got lighter and lighter blue as I rose higher. It only lasted like 20 seconds. And then all of a sudden, I knew I was dead. I was like all relieved and surprised that death didn't hurt at all. I think it was kind of like my spirit went to heaven. Nobody ever actually said I was in heaven, and it didn't really look like it either. There weren't any wings or harps or halos or clouds. I was just in this big building, where supposedly all the dead people like me went. It wasn't a bad place or anything, it was just a new place. Like a hotel with arcades and food and games and stuff like that.