Alexei Baboulevitch (archagon) wrote in realmofdreams,
Alexei Baboulevitch

Lucid Dreaming Survey

Greetings, fellow dreamers!
If you find the time to answer any of the following questions, my gratitude will be sincerely yours:

1.    What, in your opinion, are the benefits of lucid dreaming? How has lucid dreaming affected you?
2.    What is your opinion on the nature of lucid dreaming? Should lucid dreaming be examined rationally? Spiritually?
3.    How did you get into lucid dreaming? Did you feel "weirded out" by the learning process, or did the process seem natural to you?
4.    What do you feel when lucid? Does your mental state change?
5.    Are there any dreaming experiences - lucid or otherwise - that stand out in your memory?
6.    [other comments]

Thank you so much!

-Archagon, amateur LD researcher
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