Alexei Baboulevitch (archagon) wrote in realmofdreams,
Alexei Baboulevitch

Lucid Dreaming Survey

Greetings, fellow dreamers!
If you find the time to answer any of the following questions, my gratitude will be sincerely yours:

1.    What, in your opinion, are the benefits of lucid dreaming? How has lucid dreaming affected you?
2.    What is your opinion on the nature of lucid dreaming? Should lucid dreaming be examined rationally? Spiritually?
3.    How did you get into lucid dreaming? Did you feel "weirded out" by the learning process, or did the process seem natural to you?
4.    What do you feel when lucid? Does your mental state change?
5.    Are there any dreaming experiences - lucid or otherwise - that stand out in your memory?
6.    [other comments]

Thank you so much!

-Archagon, amateur LD researcher
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1. I've found it to be very helpful in better understanding the dreaming "visions" I have of coming events (being able to actually acknowledge which parts I want, rather than what I can remember upon waking), and also in being able to move myself out of patterns that aren't effective in the waking world. In this I mean those recurring themes in dreams (or recurring dreams) that keep working on the same issue. If I can create a lucid dreaming scenario in such a nightmare, then I can work through those issues faster.

2. We always try to separate everything out, but we are whole and complete beings, and should look at our dreaming as whole and complete beings. It is rational, irrational, and spiritual/visionary. Some people do not dream of future events, yet others do. Some people have intense, vivid dreams, others have fleeting drab ones. I think we must look at each of them per the individual.

3. I had been "trying" to lucid dream for a while, and when I finally gave it up, and just stated that I wanted to have a certain outcome, I would find that night or the next I would spontaneously come to lucid dreaming.

4. I seem to see things on several planes, am aware of more than just the dream itself--of all the realities around me--and can make more concious choices in my dreaming.

5. Quite a number, as I've been actively working as a dreamer for over ten years now. Combine that with the shamanic journeying I now do in a group setting, and my dreams mean so much more! I wish I could elaborate, but I'm answering this at work.

Thanks for the post!

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Thank you!