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Hi...my name is Ivonne ^_^

hey people I hope that itz kool that I joined this community...the reason I did it was cuz I'm getting curious about draems and their meanings...also I've been having strange dreams.It just bugs me not knowing ya know? well I'ma post 2 dreams k?

1st dream:
Well I looked into his eyes and he looked into mines as we passed by each other.We stopped and we kissed.It seemed so real and was very passionate.He is a guy named Victor. He was a childhood friend and itz not until this year I got to c him after years of not knowing him.

2nd dream:
Ok well I had went to skool and then it was over. I walked to the a certain bus stop and then like Aaron(ex bf/my first bf), Kaeleen(ex bf's friend), and this other girl who I have no clue what so ever of who she is comes on the bus. Then they all sit in the bak where I am.The bus goes down this street I don't even know but at the same time I'm somewhat familiar with and then i get off at this place that has something to do with UCLA cuz it said Bruins and then I take a look at Aaron and he's sleeping and the girl with the unknown identity is also.I get off and see Kaeleen and I wave bye to her cuz she's not sleeping.Itz strange cuz like when I saw Aaron I wanted to like pet his hair and give him a kiss but I knew I couldn't so I felt strange. Then I walk towards my house but at the same time I'm sorta lost cuz and I see Jewell(someone I know, not really a friend) and a friend of hers that has an unrecognizable identity also).They pass me walking and so they go into this store but I follow Jewell and her friend.Then all of a sudden they're gone and I see Ashley(friend of Kaeleen).We say hi to each other and then I just explore and leave.I walk aroud this corner and end up at tower records and my mom is like "Ivonne there u are! Ur Aunt said that this band u might know is near her house...I think it starts with a V...I don't know but yeah do u know them?" and so then I'm like "oh yeah mommy I love them!!!"
My godparents come into my dream and say "oh Natalia (my mommy) we found the skool". I'm like "what skool?huh?" and so we all get into the car and drive along a freeway and then after some minutes I see the skool and it looks so pretty and the colors were gold and red and it looked like a castle and we go inside the skool and then I see the faces of the ppl there and I know the faces but I don't know them at the same time.Afterwards I get scared becuz I think that itz the place my mom wants to put me in and I go like "no...does this mean that I'll never see my friends ever again? What about Venice High School?" and then the dream sort of ends.

so yeah these 2 dreams have been bugging me especially because there are unknown people in it.
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