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I can only remember parts of this dream. I'm not quite sure if somehow they were all one dream or little dreams combined in one session, but they're definitely different.

I can't guarantee the correct order these dreams came.

The Party, The Light, And The Partypooper:
First off let me say that I plan on having parties this summer. Lots of parties with lots of people. Now this scene starts in what was supposed to be my back yard. Girls, including M.R. were drinking ((which will not be happening!)) and laughing. My mother was standing outside too, laughing with them. As I came outside though, I accidentally hit the lightswitch. I said "oops", but when I turned around to flip it back on, my mother said "leave it. The bulb has to charge up", and unfortunately she wasn't joking. Party over. Lights out, even though I was frantically trying to make it come on.
N0TE- I always ((most of the time, anyway)) seem to have a lightbulb incorporated into my dreams. Strangely, whenever they get turned off or hit off, even after I flip on the switch, the light won't come back on!

My Glorious Basement-bedroom:
I had a bedroom that was located in a basement type area. It was HUGE, yet somehow felt small. It had purple-and-black party-type carpet. There were stairs from the doorway with a metal staircase ramp, like the kind you could find on an old apartment building, but extremely thick and sturdy. The stairs were old concrete, and the door was regular and wood like any other in a house, not matching the staircase attire. A woman opened the door and looked down at me. I didn't fell awkward or anything like so. I simply asked her how she liked my basement-bedroom.

Escaping Like Crazies:
This one was oddest. There was a building, quite large and white in color. An ally between another, concrete type and abandoned-looking building, was where the dream took place. I'm pretty sure the white building was a physic ward. There were presumably seven of us. Our actions were wild and flaunting around so much that it makes me think of seagulls. We were trying to sneak away, but we would have to go over to this certain area each time we did try to slip away because we were caught, even though I never really saw an authority figure.

Please comment on my dream if you have the slightest idea of how to interpret it!
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The light switch part of that dream is something that happens in this one's dreams as well...

One could interpret the Basement dream as a premonition, probably irrelevant now seeing as how it is quite an old dream compared to this comment.

The last dream is vague to this one.

I have only commented because you asked.