Danielle (hilorain) wrote in realmofdreams,

crazy dream

Hello, I'm new here. I had a series of really vivid dreams last night, but this one takes the cake. I've been thinking about it so much that I felt the need to join this community and others just to post about it. (Plus I love talking about dreams.)

The dream had middle ages/ renaissance ideals but it was in present day. I was in a very huge place, which I presume to be the equivalent of a palace, and I was supposed to be married off to an old crusty guy from Guns 'n' Roses for alliance purposes. (I don't think this guy is in the band in real life, but dreams are funny like that). So, being the helpless girl I was in a time with fucked up ideals, I was going to go along with it because I had to. Then I met the guy's son, who happened to be this gorgeous guy named Jason from my Chem class. We fell into a fairytale love, and concluded that if we married it would still serve the same alliance purposes. We approached the "elders" with this idea, and they promptly rejected it. We wanted to be together so bad that we decided that I should get pregnant so that we'd have to be together. It didn't work. They banished me to a city (complete with the modern skyscrapers and what not) and kept my son. It was a depressing ending, and in general a pretty random and strange dream.

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