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Captive Dreaming ...

Ok this is the third one of these I've had and frankly
I'm beginning to get a little worried. I was dreaming
a very unsettling dream, which normally I can awake
from, but I could not get myself to wake up. In the
part of the dream that became unsettling I was in a
bus, a commuter bus on my way home, and we were coming
down the street in front of my house, but I was
waiting for us to get back to the depot so I could
drive home. Anyway for whatever reason we were on our
road and our dogs had gotten out and were running out
in front of the bus. I began yelling for the driver
to stop the bus, but he wouldnt, and I began screaming
and crying for him to stop the bus but he wouldnt even
look at me. Finally I crumpled to a seat crying and
hoping none of the dogs got hit. It seemed to skip to
me being home in bed on a lovely sunny morning,
sleeping in, but the room was elegant, spacious,
luxurious. It was done in natural colors, mostly a
warm light brown. There were a lot of windows. My
mother was puttering around the room trying not to
wake me but a black maid came in getting me up to do
the room, she shook her finger at me in a scolding way
and told me I'd lied to her. The next thing I knew I
was walking around outside by the road, and I saw one
of our dogs laying beside the road and I walked over
to her to make sure she was alright. Then I finally
began to wake but it was about two hours before I
could make myself fully become awake. I tried to wake
myself up at the point of the dream in the bus but
couldnt and the dream kept going. When it settled
down I tried to wake and couldnt. Has this ever
happened to anyone? What's going on?!
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