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So, hi. I'm new in the community because i had a really strange dream this morning. I have spent about half an hour looking for a community to post it in because i have this feeling that i should know what it means. I'm not sure why cause some of it is kinda obvious but that's ok. Well, here it goes:
I was sitting at my desk (in teh dorm room) and i was actually getting along with my roommate...whom i hate in reality. Then one of the girls from the hall walked in and we were all laughing and chatting. Then these guys from upstairs were walking around our hall seeing if anyone had seen the toy that they lost...those stupid punch things that you attach to each other and make them punch until one of them loses their head... and i was like no haven't seen it. But as soon as they left i found it in this huge bin of toys.
So i called them down and the third roommate arrived (at least i think it was him), but he had this entire guard of people wearing weird black and blue livery suits and he looked kinda evil so i didn't give him the toy. Instead i waited until he was gone and found the second roommate (just so you are sure on this the second and first roommates are twins, michael and matthew and i have a thing for matthew) He was watching TV in teh study lounge except that all the people in there were dressed in victorian finery, except me. I told him i had the toy and he said that his brother was upstairs because he had been beaten up. I instantly suspected the black and blue livery dude people. He asked who would take the toy up to him and i volunteered... more cause i like matthew than anything else. So up i go.
I opened the door and the dude's room was a medieval castle. But matt was sitting on the couch and he looked pretty banged up. Unnoticed i walk in. Then this lady walks up behind him and starts trying to kill him. So i wrestle her and i have my hands around her neck, but her neck starts twisting and lengthening and she has these razor teeth.... she turns into a snake and slithers away. Thats when i deduce that the twins are some kinda princes and that matthew is the heir, but michael wants the throne... their third roommate is on michael's side.
So since i like matthew i stick around to keep him save. I finally get to wear a cool gown at dinner and i'm sitting right next to matthew, when out of the corner of my eyes i see teh chef stopping to put something in one particular dish. I don't remember who the chef was... but he was a friend. So i walked over and asked if i could try the dish... he got really nervous... and i picked up a fork. He started telling me i couldn't and i asked him if he had poisoned it, but he wouldn't reply to that so i took a bite.... it turned out just to be really hot peppers that could kill someone if you ate too much. After that i woke up because of my roommmate's alarm.
Any ideas as to what that could mean? i mean i know it means that i like Matthew, but what about the rest of it.
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