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I realized this morning that - it would appear - that ALL of our dreams have one unique thing in common: in every single dream, we each are part of the story. We may play different roles in our dreams, yet we never have one that is just . . . like a TV show or film . . . something we are watching about someone else. We are always there. It's always "I was in this place . . ."

Is this perhaps a significant clue as to the nature of dreams?

I've never heard anyone else discuss/write about this aspect of dreams. Have you?
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Actually, I've had multiple dreams where I was just an observer. I didn't take part in the dream at all, I just watched, and no one in the dream knew I was there.
Yes, I've had those too, but you were still THERE and watching. I'm talking about whether anyone has ever had any dreams where they are completely not present - unaware that they are there and observing and/or taking part.
Well, you can't really have a dream without being somewhat present in it, even if only a floating, invisible, and unobtrusive observer. There is always the "me" in there, because it is the "me" that is witness to the dream itself. Even when the "me" takes on a different name, gender, persona, role, et al. Even when there is something happening--like the floods and storm dreams you had as a child. You weren't there at the flood, but you saw it happen. Like a premonition. We can see the events happening, yet we ourselves have no role in them. It's ... much like that. Like watching it on tv, or from a cloud above, or as the brick in a building as the water rushes by. The only way to see something in a dream is to "be there" ... but not necessarily in any other capacity except as an observer who can do, say, or affect nothing in witnessing the event.

Now ... as for those dreams we have when we go away to other worlds. Does it ever feel like it's "you" ... or is it like becoming someone else for a while? For me, I am always me there, where as all other people are strangers. Except, I am not me. I am the parts of me that they need to help them. I have the talents and characteristics they need from me to solve whatever problem I was brought there for. And I never go back to the same place twice. Not like the recurring dreams. The soulmate dreams. The premonitions, and so on. Not like the emotional healing dreams. ::coughs:: To bed go I, mommy, love ... to bed.
Hmmn. I don't seem to be stating this properly. Even in the dreams with the tidal waves - where I watched them happen . . . I was AWARE that I was watching them . . . from a distance, and geographically was still feeling close to the area, not like I was floating in the aether somewhere. Yes, these "observer" dreams of mine turned out to be premonitions. (Which is another question I have . . .was this the case with other people too? When you had "observer" dreams, were they somehow prophetic? My ordinary dreams are not, but these were.) Even in the tidal wave dreams though, I often go down to the beach and try to rescue at least one child.

The question I have as to being present vs. not being present is: Have you ever had a dream where you awakened in the morning and felt: "I just WATCHED the most interesting dream?" (Like you might watch television or a film) but where you were not, somewhere aware of being PRESENT, even as an observer, in the dream?

I have not. Stephan has not.

As for the ones where we go to save various multiverses - yes, it's always me or some part of me as you say, and I am there to help them. I am also always physically exhausted when awakening from these dreams. They are exceptional also in that they represent nothing from my previous day or my life here. I never know the people involved, nor have I ever been to these places before, and some of them operate under somewhat different laws of physics.
I have had maybe one or two dreams where I woke up and felt like I just watched a film, rather than acted as an observer in a dream. It's a hard difference to explain, and the feeling I was left with upon waking was quite disconcerting.