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Here is a dream I had last night. I'm posting this particular one because the very focused on little man seemed to almost be an otherworldly visitor... I am familiar with the 'elves' seen sometimes on few drugs, and was wondering if it had any connection, or is it just a strange vivid nightmare? Any special significance in anything?
Here it is:

//In a kind of classroom with a significant number of people, but we are the only people in the building. Then enters a small man, maybe 2 feet tall. His mouth is small but full of character and his eyes are sunken. His voice is disturbing. He walks around in a way that makes me feel very uncomfortable. Is he retarted? There is just something about him that is extremely off. He turns to me and I see that he has four arms, another under each, but the underarm-arms are smaller and obviously much weaker. He seems manic. His head is unusually large and round. He seems so intolerably unnatural, with a strange grin that appears for no reason, but mostly a judging stare. He leaves the room and I say something... like... "Well, he doesn't seem that bad, just insane." Something like that. Anyways someone points out he was only just outside the door. Then this little otherwordly man enters the room in a spurt and urinates on me. The piss is thicker than normal, and a much more distinguishable yellow that stays stained to my leg and foot. He probably laughs, and runs around. Then he dissapears. And everyone knows something is wrong with that. We spend a while pondering his whereabouts and what is happeneing. Then the lights flicker or something, and he is under the floor, no in the walls, no the ceiling, the walls again, the floor again! His presence is moving around quickly and buzzing inside the walls and floor. All I can think of is mischevious, but for some reason not entirely evil. Then other strange things happen, and we all want to get out of the building. We realize he has turned off electricity, and race toward a glass self-closing door. We make it out just in time, though I think some people were trapped inside. Then He appears in a little car, outside the building.//

ok go!
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