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pretty vague [23 Nov 2010|05:02pm]

I walked into a closet where these yellowish-cats were apparently trapped inside; as soon as I opened the door, I got down on the floor to read a letter (written in my father's handwriting) and the cats ran out. As to what the letter said, I can only remember something to the effect of it was written from the cats' point of view....something along the lines of don't lock us in here next time.......?
What could this mean?
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rattlesnakes [28 Apr 2006|09:05am]

I had these disturbing dreams last night: rattlesnakes
I'd be interested in any comments. Thank you.
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Lucid Dreaming Survey [28 Feb 2006|12:21am]

Greetings, fellow dreamers!
If you find the time to answer any of the following questions, my gratitude will be sincerely yours:

1.    What, in your opinion, are the benefits of lucid dreaming? How has lucid dreaming affected you?
2.    What is your opinion on the nature of lucid dreaming? Should lucid dreaming be examined rationally? Spiritually?
3.    How did you get into lucid dreaming? Did you feel "weirded out" by the learning process, or did the process seem natural to you?
4.    What do you feel when lucid? Does your mental state change?
5.    Are there any dreaming experiences - lucid or otherwise - that stand out in your memory?
6.    [other comments]

Thank you so much!

-Archagon, amateur LD researcher
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[11 Jan 2006|03:59pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Well, I'm in my bed, in this white minimalist house that looks a bit like a nursing home. Lots of people are singing only I can't make out words, & dancing around me in a stiff, jerky way. Apart from me they all look the same; they're all dressed as if they're from the '20s. It frightens me rigid!

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Hi...my name is Ivonne ^_^ [21 Aug 2005|12:16pm]

[ mood | okay ]

hey people I hope that itz kool that I joined this community...the reason I did it was cuz I'm getting curious about draems and their meanings...also I've been having strange dreams.It just bugs me not knowing ya know? well I'ma post 2 dreams k?

1st dream:
Well I looked into his eyes and he looked into mines as we passed by each other.We stopped and we kissed.It seemed so real and was very passionate.He is a guy named Victor. He was a childhood friend and itz not until this year I got to c him after years of not knowing him.

2nd dream:
Ok well I had went to skool and then it was over. I walked to the a certain bus stop and then like Aaron(ex bf/my first bf), Kaeleen(ex bf's friend), and this other girl who I have no clue what so ever of who she is comes on the bus. Then they all sit in the bak where I am.The bus goes down this street I don't even know but at the same time I'm somewhat familiar with and then i get off at this place that has something to do with UCLA cuz it said Bruins and then I take a look at Aaron and he's sleeping and the girl with the unknown identity is also.I get off and see Kaeleen and I wave bye to her cuz she's not sleeping.Itz strange cuz like when I saw Aaron I wanted to like pet his hair and give him a kiss but I knew I couldn't so I felt strange. Then I walk towards my house but at the same time I'm sorta lost cuz and I see Jewell(someone I know, not really a friend) and a friend of hers that has an unrecognizable identity also).They pass me walking and so they go into this store but I follow Jewell and her friend.Then all of a sudden they're gone and I see Ashley(friend of Kaeleen).We say hi to each other and then I just explore and leave.I walk aroud this corner and end up at tower records and my mom is like "Ivonne there u are! Ur Aunt said that this band u might know is near her house...I think it starts with a V...I don't know but yeah do u know them?" and so then I'm like "oh yeah mommy I love them!!!"
My godparents come into my dream and say "oh Natalia (my mommy) we found the skool". I'm like "what skool?huh?" and so we all get into the car and drive along a freeway and then after some minutes I see the skool and it looks so pretty and the colors were gold and red and it looked like a castle and we go inside the skool and then I see the faces of the ppl there and I know the faces but I don't know them at the same time.Afterwards I get scared becuz I think that itz the place my mom wants to put me in and I go like "no...does this mean that I'll never see my friends ever again? What about Venice High School?" and then the dream sort of ends.

so yeah these 2 dreams have been bugging me especially because there are unknown people in it.

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[23 Jul 2005|05:31pm]

I had a dream last night that really scared me and I was wondering if maybe someone could interpret what they might make of it for me.

It started off like any normal day would. I was having a pretty good day and all of the sudden, some sort of natural disaster occurred. I can't remember exactly what it was but everyone around me started panicking. I didn't know what was going on so I stood there yelling, "What do I do?! What's going on?! Where do I go?!" For some reason, I knew that I wasn't going to survive this and that I was going to die. I kept thinking, "I need to talk to Mark (Mark is my boyfriend) before I go. I have to tell him that I love him before I die. He has to know!" so I found a payphone and, for some reason, it was free. I tried to call him but it wasn't working so I sat there and let everything just happen. Somehow, I ended up surviving the disaster but was pretty much just barely alive. I knew that I wasn't going to survive my injuries and that I would end up dying a slow and painful death if I tried to wait because nobody else was alive to find me and help me so I killed myself.

I'm not really sure but I can remember something else happening right after that. I think someone found me right after I died but I can't remember exactly.

This dream really disturbed me for several reasons. 1) It felt so real. I woke up absolutely terrified and it took me a few seconds to realize that it was only a dream. 2) I've been feeling weird for the past few weeks. I'll suffer short periods of depression for no reason at all. I'll cry about anything/everything.

I told my boyfriend about my dream and it scared him. We both believe that dreams were reflections of bottled up emotions in the subconscious mind. I was wondering what other people might make of this dream.

Thank you in advance.
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[22 Mar 2005|09:40pm]

I can only remember parts of this dream. I'm not quite sure if somehow they were all one dream or little dreams combined in one session, but they're definitely different.

I can't guarantee the correct order these dreams came.

The Party, The Light, And The PartypooperCollapse )

My Glorious Basement-bedroomCollapse )

Escaping Like CraziesCollapse )
Please comment on my dream if you have the slightest idea of how to interpret it!
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[20 Mar 2005|03:18pm]

Hi just joined. I started a dream journal. I keep it separate from my other LJ and I decided to join in case I ever need any dream interpreting. Hope that’s okay *huthum*. Just thought I’d say that in case anyone notices my username in the member reference.

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[24 Nov 2004|10:45pm]

I have a... situation here that I really want other people's input on.

There's this guy, lets call him Jake. I knew Jake back in the 8th grade, we were in the same classes all day long. He picked on me, I picked on him- we hated each other, but somehow, it was a different kind of hate... I guess you could say we loved hating each other. When the year was over, we went off to different highschool. Over the next two years... we argued many times through IMs. But we also had some bantar convos too. We even had a comforting one on 9/11... we both admitted to crying and calmed each other down and stuff. But then came the fighting/bantar again. I even ran into him once on outside his school. I really wanted to see him again so I arranged it that I'd meet my friend who also went there outside the building. Screen names were changed for some reason and we went a whole year without talking.

I was doing really good... I had a bf of 3 months, who I often hung out with at this mall. We walked around a lot. We were about to leave, but then we passed the video store. I immediately felt an urge to stand there for a few minutes, and didn't understand why. Five minutes later, who walks by? Jake. He was on his way into that store. We stopped and chatted, talking about how different we got and how our lives were going. He gave me his new sn. We talked a few times online after that, but nothing spectacular- they were very civil though. We planned on hanging out but that didn't work out.

I've always felt this really strange connection to Jake ever since I met him. I've thought about him a lot (practically at least once a day or more). I dreamed about him constantly after 8th grade separation. And even for that whole year we didn't talk I dreamed about him ALL the time. About him being a friend, us fighting, whatever all I know is that he was in them. The dreams stopped for a while, but I've been dreaming about him a lot very romantically ever since I ran into him in the mall like 8 months ago. Btw, I broke up with my bf like 3 months ago, if that has to do with anything.


Question: What does this mean? What with this strong connection to a person I don't even really know anymore? Am I crazy for dreaming about him so much?

X-posted, sorry.
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[12 Sep 2004|09:37am]

Isn't it like really unusual to die in your dreams? I had one last night. It's like the 3rd one I've had. They haven't all been recently though. I always dream that I die somehow and then I go to this new heavenish place.

Last night's dream:

I was on a school trip or something. I don't recognize anybody that I know in real life, but in the dream I was apparently friends with these people. I was in a room with like 10 girls and some female teachers. We were hanging out and having a good time. One of the people there was like a prophet or something and she said that this stuff was gonna happen tonight:

- something of somebody's was gonna be stolen.

- somebody's gonna get lost.

- blah blah I don't remember what.

- blah blah I don't remember this either lol.

- somebody was gonna murder somebody else.

Now, I'm not sure if anybody else heard the prophet say this, but I did.

Later on, this girl with brown hair brought everybody a slice of chocolate cake. I looked at my cake, thinking "uh, is this poisoned?" But I ate it anyway, thinking it probably wasn't. As soon as I ate a little bit of it, I was like ohh shit I think it was poisoned and this girl that gave the cake out was looking at me and was going like hahaha and then I knew she put something in it. Then the next scene was outside at night time. Everybody was standing around me, talking and having a good time. Apparently I didn't tell anybody about the bitch who wanted to kill me. All of a sudden, I started feeling really weird. Kinda like distant and far away and light headed. I was kinda scared because I knew that I was dying. Then the people got blurryish and my hearing got impaired. Then I started getting lifted up towards the sky by some unknown force. The sky was beautiful. There were stars all around me and I was happy and not in pain. The sky started out dark blue and got lighter and lighter blue as I rose higher. It only lasted like 20 seconds. And then all of a sudden, I knew I was dead. I was like all relieved and surprised that death didn't hurt at all. I think it was kind of like my spirit went to heaven. Nobody ever actually said I was in heaven, and it didn't really look like it either. There weren't any wings or harps or halos or clouds. I was just in this big building, where supposedly all the dead people like me went. It wasn't a bad place or anything, it was just a new place. Like a hotel with arcades and food and games and stuff like that.

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crazy dream [05 Sep 2004|04:54pm]

Hello, I'm new here. I had a series of really vivid dreams last night, but this one takes the cake. I've been thinking about it so much that I felt the need to join this community and others just to post about it. (Plus I love talking about dreams.)

The dream had middle ages/ renaissance ideals but it was in present day. I was in a very huge place, which I presume to be the equivalent of a palace, and I was supposed to be married off to an old crusty guy from Guns 'n' Roses for alliance purposes. (I don't think this guy is in the band in real life, but dreams are funny like that). So, being the helpless girl I was in a time with fucked up ideals, I was going to go along with it because I had to. Then I met the guy's son, who happened to be this gorgeous guy named Jason from my Chem class. We fell into a fairytale love, and concluded that if we married it would still serve the same alliance purposes. We approached the "elders" with this idea, and they promptly rejected it. We wanted to be together so bad that we decided that I should get pregnant so that we'd have to be together. It didn't work. They banished me to a city (complete with the modern skyscrapers and what not) and kept my son. It was a depressing ending, and in general a pretty random and strange dream.

Cross posted in dream_analysis and my journal.
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Just Saying Hello [16 Aug 2004|07:11pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Thought I'd leave a post saying hi to everyone and introducing myself. I'm in a dreaming lull at the moment so don't have any dreams at all really to discuss yet. I'm normally a very activce dreamer and remember my dreams on a regular basis. I know when I wake up that I was 'somewhere' I kind of get the impression of what I'd been doing last, but only whether it was disturbing or peaceful. All I'm reallly remembering are the dreams moods. I'll get back into it sooner or later, just hopefully sooner.

I'm 28 years old, married and the mother of 3. I have 2 month old twin boys and a 29 month old daughter. So life is quite hectic at the moment and its no wonder my dreams have been forgotten. But looking forward to reading everyone else's dreams and hope it sparks some remembering for myself!

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Captive Dreaming ... [29 May 2004|05:55pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

Ok this is the third one of these I've had and frankly
I'm beginning to get a little worried. I was dreaming
a very unsettling dream, which normally I can awake
from, but I could not get myself to wake up. In the
part of the dream that became unsettling I was in a
bus, a commuter bus on my way home, and we were coming
down the street in front of my house, but I was
waiting for us to get back to the depot so I could
drive home. Anyway for whatever reason we were on our
road and our dogs had gotten out and were running out
in front of the bus. I began yelling for the driver
to stop the bus, but he wouldnt, and I began screaming
and crying for him to stop the bus but he wouldnt even
look at me. Finally I crumpled to a seat crying and
hoping none of the dogs got hit. It seemed to skip to
me being home in bed on a lovely sunny morning,
sleeping in, but the room was elegant, spacious,
luxurious. It was done in natural colors, mostly a
warm light brown. There were a lot of windows. My
mother was puttering around the room trying not to
wake me but a black maid came in getting me up to do
the room, she shook her finger at me in a scolding way
and told me I'd lied to her. The next thing I knew I
was walking around outside by the road, and I saw one
of our dogs laying beside the road and I walked over
to her to make sure she was alright. Then I finally
began to wake but it was about two hours before I
could make myself fully become awake. I tried to wake
myself up at the point of the dream in the bus but
couldnt and the dream kept going. When it settled
down I tried to wake and couldnt. Has this ever
happened to anyone? What's going on?!

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HIYA! [13 Apr 2004|10:24am]

[ mood | confused ]

So, hi. I'm new in the community because i had a really strange dream this morning. I have spent about half an hour looking for a community to post it in because i have this feeling that i should know what it means. I'm not sure why cause some of it is kinda obvious but that's ok. Well, here it goes:
I was sitting at my desk (in teh dorm room) and i was actually getting along with my roommate...whom i hate in reality. Then one of the girls from the hall walked in and we were all laughing and chatting. Then these guys from upstairs were walking around our hall seeing if anyone had seen the toy that they lost...those stupid punch things that you attach to each other and make them punch until one of them loses their head... and i was like no haven't seen it. But as soon as they left i found it in this huge bin of toys.
So i called them down and the third roommate arrived (at least i think it was him), but he had this entire guard of people wearing weird black and blue livery suits and he looked kinda evil so i didn't give him the toy. Instead i waited until he was gone and found the second roommate (just so you are sure on this the second and first roommates are twins, michael and matthew and i have a thing for matthew) He was watching TV in teh study lounge except that all the people in there were dressed in victorian finery, except me. I told him i had the toy and he said that his brother was upstairs because he had been beaten up. I instantly suspected the black and blue livery dude people. He asked who would take the toy up to him and i volunteered... more cause i like matthew than anything else. So up i go.
I opened the door and the dude's room was a medieval castle. But matt was sitting on the couch and he looked pretty banged up. Unnoticed i walk in. Then this lady walks up behind him and starts trying to kill him. So i wrestle her and i have my hands around her neck, but her neck starts twisting and lengthening and she has these razor teeth.... she turns into a snake and slithers away. Thats when i deduce that the twins are some kinda princes and that matthew is the heir, but michael wants the throne... their third roommate is on michael's side.
So since i like matthew i stick around to keep him save. I finally get to wear a cool gown at dinner and i'm sitting right next to matthew, when out of the corner of my eyes i see teh chef stopping to put something in one particular dish. I don't remember who the chef was... but he was a friend. So i walked over and asked if i could try the dish... he got really nervous... and i picked up a fork. He started telling me i couldn't and i asked him if he had poisoned it, but he wouldn't reply to that so i took a bite.... it turned out just to be really hot peppers that could kill someone if you ate too much. After that i woke up because of my roommmate's alarm.
Any ideas as to what that could mean? i mean i know it means that i like Matthew, but what about the rest of it.

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Significant? [04 Mar 2004|07:11am]

I realized this morning that - it would appear - that ALL of our dreams have one unique thing in common: in every single dream, we each are part of the story. We may play different roles in our dreams, yet we never have one that is just . . . like a TV show or film . . . something we are watching about someone else. We are always there. It's always "I was in this place . . ."

Is this perhaps a significant clue as to the nature of dreams?

I've never heard anyone else discuss/write about this aspect of dreams. Have you?
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Had this dream about a week ago, figgured I would post here... [11 Feb 2004|01:10pm]

[ mood | confused ]

It started out I was in an underground base... kinda like the one from Stargate. I was talking with some people that looked like they worked for the gov't. We were discussing a metor crash that happened just recently. They mentioned sending someone back in time to save as many people as they can (I felt as if 99% of the world's population had been killed in this event, and everyone important to me was included in that group). Noone wanted to go back in time because it was a completely new technology that hadn't been tested yet, I didn't care, I volunteered anyway, I had nothing else to lose.

I got suited up, and went to the chamber where the "time machine" was kept. It was like an unusually large grandfather clock... about twice the size. I stepped inside, and the person incharge asked me one last time if I was sure about it. I assured him I was, and he flipped a switch. All I saw for a few seconds was a bright white light.

I appeared out front of a wierd looking house, but somehow it felt familiar. I approached the front door. Slowly I opened it, and as I did... I saw Katie (my brother's ex) inside sittin down. She was like, "Hey, Dave! I've been waiting for you!" I asked her what was going on (of course I remembered what had happend, and why I had gone back in time). She told me that I was supposed to come over and have lunch.

I then began to explain my reasons for being there, she told me she knew, and got up... she insisted that I follow her. I agreed to, she led me through the house... we were going to the second floor.... but the house was like this huge maze. We went through these rooms that were all distorted, climbed through windows out onto the roof, and back in... over and over.

Finally we reached the second floor... it was the kitchen. As I was climbin through the window, I heard someone calling for Christine. Katie morphed into one Christine, of my best friends from when I was younger and still lived in California.

Christine's mom came from behind a wall, and asked if it was me. She smiled, and greeted me warmly. She asked me if I wanted anything to eat. I told her I did not have time to eat, because of my mission. She laughed and insisted on making pizza... I told her I would do it. I reached for the dough, and when I touched it, the pizza was made. I looked at Christine and she just smiled at me. The pizza just had to be thrown in the oven, so I did that... it was an oven like what we have from work.

I told Christine, and her mom about the impending doom. They laughed and said they knew... they already had plans for escape. I then told them I had to warn the rest of the world, and they assured me that everyone I cared for would be safe. I knew they were right, but I still had to warn the people for some reason. I told them I had to go anyways.

I walked out the front door, and saw ships that looked like cocoons taking off from all over... all to avoid the metor. I saw Val (my fíance) running to one, she ran over to me and urged me to come with her... I refused, and explained to her my reason... because I had to warn everyone (even though, I could see clearly that everyone was getting in these ships, and I knew they all would be safe). She just cried and tried to pull me to a ship. I ripped my arm out of her hand and promised I would be safe, and I would see her later. In tears, she slowly walked to her ship, when she reached the door, she turned to Corey (who was standing inside waiting for us) and just began to cry on his chest. He put his arm around her and looked at me. He wanted me to come, but could see that he would not change my mind. He didn't take his eyes off of me until the door closed infront of him... but then him and Val ran to a window to watch me as it took off. I could see Val crying as she pressed her hand agains the window, I could make our her lips move to form my name in a silent scream... and at that moment I knew I would not make it, I should have gotten on the ship.

Her ship rose into the air. I stood there and watched it until I could no longer see it at all. I then began to run... back to Christine's house. It was all torn up, and it looked like it had not been lived in for 50 years. I explored the place. When I reached the kitchen, I saw Dan from work. He was roasting marshmellows in the oven. I asked him why he hadn't gotten on a ship, and he told me that his wasn't ready... he was the last person. A man in uniform (one of the guys that I had been meeting with) walked in the room and told Dan his ship was ready. Dan got up and left. The man looked at me and shook his head.

I ran outside to watch the last of the ships take off. As I watched it, my eyes got diverted to the metor that was going to crash. I suddenly became full of rage, and began running to where I knew the metor would hit. I was determined to stop it.

I could feel the heat from the metor as I got closer to where it would hit the ground. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that it was almost here. I jumped as hard as I could so that I would be able to make it to where the metor would crash... I overshot... I watched the metor hit the ground and burry itself. I was pushed away by the explotion from when it hit... I was pushed upwards.

I flew straight up, very fast. Things began to grow dark... I was getting close to the end of the atmosphere. As I reached the end, everything faded to black and I heard a *POP*.

I sat up, scared shitless... Katie, pulling the bubble gum back into her mouth, asked me what was wrong. I was back in the funky house, in the kitchen, waiting for the pizza to cook. I explained to her what had just happened, and she agreed that I had come back in time, to save everyone... she turned on the TV and told me to tell it a name to see anyone I wanted.

I asked to see Val. I saw her sitting at her computer desk, with what looked like a school book in her lap. She was doing something on the computer.

I then asked to see Corey. He was sitting in a café of some sort. Drinking something, and reading manga.

I felt completely at ease, and reached over to the oven, and pulled out the pizza. Katie, Christine's mom, and I each then had a slice.

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[30 Jan 2004|04:37pm]

I had a dream that I came home from college (in Hawaii) to visit 4 my girlfriend's best friend's birthday party. I came in and I was going to surprise my girl and she was dancing with the guy I thought I was in love with and kissing him. She dated him in real life 2, thats how we ended up 2 gether and when she saw me she was shocked cause I was supposed to be in Hawaii. Then I ran away...
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meaning? [15 Jan 2004|08:38pm]

Here is a dream I had last night. I'm posting this particular one because the very focused on little man seemed to almost be an otherworldly visitor... I am familiar with the 'elves' seen sometimes on few drugs, and was wondering if it had any connection, or is it just a strange vivid nightmare? Any special significance in anything?
Here it is:

DreamCollapse )

ok go!
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[09 Jan 2004|10:36pm]

the other night i had a dream where my friend brought over a full sized pigs head made out of donut
the mouth had red jam(jelly) in it grinning an evil grin
we proceeded to eat it
when i say we i mean they
the ears apparently were the most crunchy
i for some reason woke up before being able to try it

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[29 Dec 2003|12:34am]

[ mood | blah ]

And I had a dream this morning, kinda disturbing.

It started out, I was walkin around with someone... the face was familar, but I couldn't put a name to it. Anyways, we were talkin an havin a good time. We went in this one house, an the guy I was with was like, "Ohh... this isn't good." I didnt understand, an I just continued walkin thru the house. He followed me around, and began to get more comfortable there. We eventually split up to explore the place.

I heard a scream. I went runnign through the house to see what it was, and I went into this one room and saw the guy, leaning up against a door... there were spikes and blades shoved through his body. The door then began to open and slam shut, his body never moving.

After about 10 or so slams, the door just suddenly stoped when it was closed and the blades were in the guy. His head began to sit up. His face was all bloody and pussy looking, and his eyes were pure white, and looke like they were going to explode.

He stared straght at me and opened his mouth, his teeth were now all pointy and he was drooling and bleeding all over the place. There was this twisted voice, like he was possessed... all scratchy... and it echoed. All he said was, "None shall pass... none shall pass."

**I sat straight up an thought 'holy shit'**

Any thoughts?

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